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What we can offer

Worldwide sales of high specification, reliable latest solid state diode technology with user friendly operating systems backed up with full local after sales service and support. For clients wishing to use this technology for one off events LT are able to offer a full rental package to suit all needs.





Working from the U.K. Head Office Laser Technology is one of the most creative and innovative suppliers of laser effects to the leisure industry worldwide.

It is run by experts in their field with the knowledge and expertise to research, develop, manufacture, install and support ground breaking new products throughout the world. It has many inspirational ideas which keep it at the forefront of technological developments.

The new office in Bodrum (Turkey) will provide a gateway to The Middle East enabling the owners of Laser Technology to revolutionise the delivery of first class lighting effects to the leisure industry across the Eastern European region.


Laser Technology is a new venture from David Hickford who for many years has  had a reputation for delivering innovative and visually stunning products to nightclubs, stage shows, open-air displays and other public events. As well as expertise in the nightclub industry, the new team has many years experience in provision of laser entertainment equipment and an unsurpassed level of customer care.

The directors of Laser Technology both in the U.K. and Turkey have a combined 40 years experience in the entertainment market and laser display and manufacturing. Both directors are experts in their field and between them their local knowledge of the industry is impressive, being derived from a highly successful European market leaders.

Why choose us

Local based sales and support with an understanding of the local markets and customer needs. Manufacturing in both the U.K. and Turkey (for the local market) results in affordable and cost effective products.

Being primarily a manufacturing and support company, we are able to direct our efforts and expertise into the production and development of high technology laser and multimedia systems.

Stand out from the crowd

In an intensely competitive environment such as the Mediterranean tourism industry let Laser Technology  make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether it is hiring a laser for a one off event to publicise a special event such as a corporate product launch, corporate event or dance event, or the purchase of system to provide regular laser lighting effects, LT offers a solution. Our exciting products and stunning effects have been proven to generate public interest and increase customer interest. Customer numbers would increase and so would profits.

The creative team at LT assures that each laser show is tailored to the respective clients needs. Pre-show planning forms the majority of the work performed by our staff. We handle all aspects of the installation so that you can sit back and enjoy the show.





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